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2022 National Humanities and social sciences foundation application launching meeting of the school of public health
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In order to improve the application saturation and success rate of the National Social Science Fund of the college, improve the scientific research level of the college and promote the "double first-class construction" process of the college. On the afternoon of November 23, 2021, the school of public health of Jilin University held the 2022 National Humanities and social sciences fund application and mobilization kick-off meeting in the conference room on the third floor. The meeting was presided over by Liu Jinyu, vice president of scientific research of the school of public health. Professor Huang Wei of the school of management of Jilin University was specially invited to guide. All social science teachers of the college attended the mobilization meeting.

Professor Huang Wei is currently the communication review expert of NSFC and presides over and completes two general projects of NSFC. Combined with his many years of experience in application and evaluation of NSFC, Professor Huang elaborated in detail on the breadth, depth and thickness of social science teachers' application for fund from the perspective of interdisciplinary, and stressed that the writing of bid documents should start from three aspects of "research accumulation", "topic selection" and "demonstration". For interdisciplinary fields, the principle of "problem orientation" should be emphasized. The topic selection should be based on national needs, walk in the forefront of disciplines and adhere to policy orientation. The innovation points should be pioneering, the contents should be forward-looking, and the methods should be exploratory.

Vice president Liu Jinyu summarized the mobilization meeting and proposed that teachers of our college should highlight discipline characteristics and promote cross innovation in the process of applying for national social science fund projects in 2022.

This declaration and mobilization meeting was a complete success, which laid a solid foundation for the College of public health to further do a good job in the application of national social science fund projects, provided sufficient power for the vigorous development of the college's scientific research, and provided a strong guarantee for meeting the new situation faced by philosophy and Social Sciences in the new era and the strategic tasks of philosophy and Social Sciences in the new era.

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