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2021 special medical postgraduate enrollment publicity activities
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In order to attract excellent students and improve the quantity and quality of graduate enrollment, the school of public health continues to carry out graduate enrollment publicity according to the relevant requirements of the implementation plan for strengthening graduate enrollment publicity of Jilin University.

From April to October 2021, Professor Jin shunzi, director of the Department of radiology of our college, Associate Professor Wang Zhicheng, assistant dean of the college and Secretary of the Party branch of the Department of Radiology, and associate professor Shen Yannan, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of radiobiology and director of the teaching and Research Office of radiobiology of the National Health Commission, served as publicity groups for the school of radiology of Shandong First Medical University, the medical school of Yanbian University College of public health, Beihua University, Jilin Medical College and other colleges and universities inside and outside the province, for undergraduates majoring in Applied Physics (Medical Physics), preventive medicine, clinical medicine and other related majors, conducted online recruitment and publicity activities for postgraduates with master's degree in special medicine in the form of Tencent Conference, designed and printed enrollment brochures and mailed them to the disciplines of each university.

During the publicity activities, Associate Professor Wang Zhicheng and associate professor Shen Yannan mainly introduced the professional profile, training objectives, enrollment plan, application conditions, examination subjects, brief introduction of tutors, research direction and content, employment direction and other relevant information of the first level discipline of special medicine in the school of public health of Jilin University, and focused on radiobiology, radiation protection, radiation injury Radiochemistry and other related research directions had online communication with the students participating in the activities, which was unanimously recognized by the majority of teachers and students. In addition, on June 4 and October 4, 2021, on-site enrollment publicity activities were conducted for undergraduates majoring in radiation medicine and preventive medicine in the school of public health of Jilin University, and the questions raised by the students and employment planning were answered.

The online publicity activities in 2021 enabled students of different majors in Colleges and universities to have a clearer understanding of the postgraduate entrance examination, further understand the relevant research fields of special medicine, enhance the students' learning initiative and confidence in applying for the examination, and also took a solid step for the development of the first-class discipline of special medicine in the school of public health of Jilin University. Through the joint efforts of the publicity work of "going out, please come back", we strive to attract more excellent students to Jilin University and add luster to the construction of first-class discipline of special medicine in the school of public health.

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