A series of activities of the academic talent promotion program of the school of public health (I) -- the 2021 mid-term examination was successfully held
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In order to strengthen the study style construction of the school of public health, stimulate the learning enthusiasm of grade 2021 students, help students adapt to the study and life of the University as soon as possible, test their recent learning achievements and help students find out and fill vacancies, the Learning Department of the student union of the school of public health held the mid-term examination of grade 2021 in Li Siguang teaching building on the central campus from November 5 to 7. The examination was supervised by members of various departments organized by the League School of the College of public health. All students of grade 2021 participated in the examination.

Before the examination, the Learning Department of the student union cooperates with the teachers of 2021 disciplines to compile the examination papers. The compilation team refers to the learning progress of the students and helps the students understand the question types and difficulty of the examination while inspecting the students' mastery of the contents of each subject. At the same time, the learning department shall do a good job in confidentiality throughout the whole process and adhere to the principle of fairness and impartiality. After the beginning of the exam, the students were all dedicated, answered the questions carefully, and tried to give full play to their best level. During the examination, the students strictly abide by the examination discipline without any violation of discipline. After the examination, the invigilator collected all the test papers and guided the students to leave the examination room orderly. Finally, the marking group will race against time to correct the test papers, summarize the results, and finally distribute the results to each class. The mid-term examination was successfully completed.

This mid-term examination stimulated the learning enthusiasm of the students of grade 2021, made the students realize the shortcomings in recent learning, and consolidated the knowledge they have learned since the beginning of school. I believe that the students of grade 2021 will actively adjust their learning status and formulate a detailed learning plan after the end of this exam, so as to make full preparations for the upcoming final exam.

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