A series of reports on the welcoming work of the school of public health in 2021 (VII) -- the school of public health successfully carried out library education for Freshmen
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In order to help 2021 freshmen quickly integrate into campus life, at 6:30 p.m. on October 17, the school of public health carried out library education activities of freshman enrollment series education in Room 204 of Li Siguang teaching building. The teacher in charge of the library gave a lecture on this activity, and all 2021 students and counselor Su Guofan participated in this activity.

The library entrance education activities mainly focus on the general situation and use rules of Jilin University Library. The teacher first introduced to the students the seven library collection categories of the six campuses of Jilin University, showing that the library of Jilin University is rich in resources and covers a wide range of disciplines; Then we will explain in detail the convenient methods of retrieving paper and electronic materials, borrowing and returning rules and other specific matters. During the activity, the students listened carefully and actively answered the questions raised by the teacher, which was appreciated by the teacher. "If there is heaven, it should look like a library." the teacher, Borges, former curator of the Argentine national library, ended the activity and sent the warmest wishes to the freshmen of grade 21.

This activity not only let the students understand the general situation of Jilin University Library, but also ignited the students' enthusiasm for using the library. I believe that the students can make better use of the library and contribute to their university life after this activity!

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